27 April 2015

25 April 2015








Much Love to everyone this spring day
April 25, 2015

21 April 2015


I met this great family at the beach today - we were all surfing because there were some waves due to a recent storm.  The kids had a blast out there and when they got out, I gave them a WAX BUDDY,  a smile is worth a thousand words.  Thanks new friends for enjoying our product.

20 April 2015


Lauren Rolland, associate producer and all of the guys at FREE SURF has been so great to deal with that we needed to promote them on our blog.  Please check out their magazine, it is incredible and all of them have a super high level of stoke. We salute them and thank them for our relationship.  You guys (and girls) are the best.   Ron,  John and the crew at WAX BUDDY

From Left to Right:
Tony Heff,  Sean Reilly (sitting),  Lauren Rolland
TylerRock,  Chris Latronic, John Weaver, and Mike Latronic 

Kyle Palma, WAX BUDDY ambassador

Kyle is a surf/skateboard grom from Rhode Island who is also a talented artist.  He is super stoked about the WAX BUDDY and you might see him around this summer promoting the BUDDY.
Thanks for your support and kinds words Kyle, we do appreciate it.    Ron and crew





31 March 2015

HOLLY WILLIAMS - WAX BUDDY TEAM MEMBER, ripping it up in Australia with great surfing and great stoke. We are proud to have you on our team.






CARISSA MOORE - Incredible surfer, human being and steward of stoke for the sport of surfing.

Thank you Kate (grab a grom.com) for sharing the WAX BUDDY with Carissa and thank you Carissa for enjoying the WAX BUDDY.  We think you are incredible.   Keep up the great work.
Wax Buddy Crew

09 March 2015