18 April 2014


Check out our new "vintage style" posters that our talented staff member Rick Perrotta created in the last several months.  We are sending these out to surf shops and distributors to get shops excited about buying WAX BUDDYs for the summer.  There turned out cool and I wanted to share them with all of you.

Rick Perrotta - the man behind the ideas and graphics
We are proud to have him at Endless Wave Surf Co.

15 April 2014


As an Architect, I visit job sites to check the progress of our homes being built and the general contractor for this job happens to be a surfer and look what I found on his job site.  A WAX BUDDY, ready for anything - concrete spreader, putty knife, spackle tool, paint scraper and overall work horse.  The WAX BUDDY is an incredible durable tool and I love seeing these kinds of photos so please send us your photo of how you use your WAX BUDDY (other than scraping wax) and we will post them with your name and photo on our blog.  Better yet, lets have a contest and the best photo gets a free
T- shirt and 3 free WAX BUDDYs.  Bring on the photos and send them to ron@endlesswave.net



10 April 2014

09 April 2014

07 April 2014

04 April 2014

02 April 2014


Our distributor Kimimasa who owns KIMMYZ INC. in Japan just told our that the WAX BUDDY is now being sold in the new Ron Herman Surf Shop in Japan. (originally from California).  Kimimasa's company is blowing up,  send him an e-mail if you want WAX BUDDYs for your surf shop at info@kimmyzinc.com